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    Unknown WAD

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    Unknown WAD

    Post by robert190302 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:33 am

    Anyone know this?

    GFZ1: Don't remember.....

    GFZ2: A wall moves up (Or was down?) and enemies appear before/after (Don't remember). The token is inside a cave in the water. The end of the stage is in some slopes (NOT THE COMMUNITY BUILD ONES).

    GFZ3: After defeating eggman, you'll move into a place when there are some Turrets. Then you're taken to THZ1.

    THZ1: Don't remember too......

    THZ2: Same as above.

    THZ3: After finishing the boss, the water floods. You're taken to DSZ1.

    I don't remember the other ones......

    EDIT: Oh my...NO REPLIES?!?

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