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    Post by Ors on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:48 am

    There´s only 3 acts in this mod but they re challengeful. Try This Zone 1, Try This Zone 2 and Try This Zone 3. I know people can beat these acts. I want to know how people can go these acts and I made a list of time attack records. if you beat these please tell for me! (Ors2011 in youtube)

    Download link

    Map |Charater|Time |User |Video
    TTZ1|Sonic|1:02.99 |Kitoko |Video
    TTZ1|Tails |none|none |none
    TTZ1|Knuckles |none|none |none
    TTZ2|Sonic |none|none |none
    TTZ2|Tails |none|none |none
    TTZ2|Knuckles |none|none |none
    TTZ3|Sonic |none|none |none
    TTZ3|Tails |none|none |none
    TTZ3|Knuckles |none|none |none

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