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    No-Source Mod--Eggman Robo Blast 2 V2.0

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    No-Source Mod--Eggman Robo Blast 2 V2.0

    Post by 743mph on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:16 pm

    Here it is, Eggman Robo Blast 2 V2.0, a mod created by me. This mod has a long and (I'm sorry to say) rather ugly history on the SRB2MB, where I was one mile per hour slower. It was put in the Editing section, spawned some interesting constructive critsism, and then had its topic locked repeatedly by Mystic, who for some reason felt compelled to constantly stick his tyrannical, cross-gender face into my business. Now that it's here, where Mystic has no administrative power people can download and give constructive critisism on it without any disruptions. So, without further ado, I present ERB2.


    Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles beat Brak Eggman and prepare to destroy Eggman once and for all. However, Eggman taunts Knuckles, saying that Knuckles could never conquer the world like he did and making him go crazy. The hope was that Sonic and Tails would be too busy restraining Knuckles to notice Eggman escaping. Unfortunately for Eggman, the plan backfires and Knuckles gets so angry that he sends Eggman crashing down the planet below. Knuckles decides to conquer the planet himself to prove Eggman wrong by showing that he makes a better villian. He uses Egg Rock's factories to produce robots of his own and sends them down, where they mechanize and pollute everything. More in-depth story info can be obtained by typing "playintro" in the console.


    Green Metropolis-- Once the beautiful Greenflower Zone, Knuckles' spherical robots have transformed it into a sprawling cityscape. You'll probably see a flower or bush poking out here and there, but for the most part, it's a dark, enormous metropolis. The area is overrun by Green Spheres, often viewed as the most deadly of spheres, so don't let your guard down. Be warned, GMZ is not as easy and forgiving as GFZ at all, so don't be fooled by what it once was, but focus on the deathtrap it is now.

    Android Hill--Techno Hill just got even more techno-y. Knuckles has continued Eggman's pumping of sludge into the area, and he's added a new menace to the zone: Mobian-like androids. Seen here is a green-colored Fox android, capable of easily homing in on you if you come too close. Here you will also come across Red Spheres, capable of bounding across gaps that other robots couldn't hope to reach across.

    Radioactive Ruins--These ruined ruins (XD) lie atop one of Knuckles' primary power generators. That, combined with the fact that the place is so close to the polluted Android Hill, causes the area to be filled with radioactivity, making the water glow an orange-red on the surface. It probably won't harm you much, but you might find yourself glowing from time to time. Just... don't drown. Oh, and watch out for the Fox androids, they've followed you here.

    Castle Knuckles--Knuckles' own personal residence. He's put up banners of himself and Sonic everywhere, that egomaniac. This dark, forboding castle is host to a new type of android: the Hedgehog, as well as the Blue and Giant Red spheres.

    Mechanized Canyon--Though Arid Canyon has been turned into a massive water treatment plant, it still seems a lot like its old self: it still has pulleys, desert sands, and wooden fences. It introduces the final type of enemy: Giant Blue Spheres, which sneak up on you and then fly at you, trying to whack you off the narrow platforms you'll be standing on for a lot of the time.

    Sonic Inferno--Even the boiling Red Volcano couldn't escape Knuckles' mechanical conversion. Hop over lava-resistant lifts, dodge raging fireballs, and hover across collapsing platforms as you make your way to the boss (yes, there's a boss): the Giant Green Sphere, which has been repaired after its defeat in GMZ and is now very, very angry with you.

    Cosmic Doom--Knuckles' space station, converted from the Egg Rock. Not much has changed here, except for the enemies. Oh, the enemies. There are swarms of foxes, squadrons of hedgehogs, deadly masses of spheres, and more. Dodge them all and make your way to the last boss: Knuckles himself, who will stop at nothing to bring you down.


    ERB2 2.0 definitely hs unlockables. Not just old ones, but custom ones as well. There are seven Emblems, one in each zone. Each one you collect yields a Super Emerald (yes, you read that right) at the end of the game. Collect all seven Chaos and Super Emeralds to unlock a secret final boss. If you beat the game, you also get a level select, which isn't all that special, but it's useful if you want to go back and play previous levels.


    Eggman--Once the mighty ruler of Egg Rock, Eggman has been cast out by one of his enemies. He vows revenge and will stop at nothing to get his space station and his conquest abilities back. Most sprites by Neo Chaotikal. Used with permission.

    Team Force--This team of fan characters heard about Knuckles' conquest of the planet and decided to stop his crazy endeavor. The team is made up of Force, a ring-attracting, high-jumping silver hedgehog, Kilo, a flying, spindashing, neon yellow hedgehog, and Reverse, a fun-loving orange echidna with the ability to Boost (no, not the same Boost as the one in Unleashed/Colors.) Yes, I understand that Kilo, Force and Reverse are appearnace-wise little more than recolors, but I feel their abilities make up for that. If you disagree, feel free to bash them to death.

    Character Strategies

    Eggman--Eggman isn't the fastest character, nor does he have the best handling. However, his hover ability will really come in handy in zones such as Sonic Inferno. Playing as Eggman means playing carefully, since Eggman's controls aren't the most accurate in the world, and it's sometimes a bit hard to see. Eggman's other special move is the Nitro Burst, where he revs up the Egg Mobile to maximum power and then shoots forward. This ability's main function is to break breakable blocks.

    Force--Since Force isn't very fast either, one should still be careful. However, Force doesn't have to be as careful as the others, since he can attract nearby rings, and is therefore hard to kill. Force and also perform the Spring Dash, where Force pulls out a spring and shoots himself up. This SOCed ability is powerful, but also very, very hard to control.

    Kilo--Kilo is easy mode for an expert and difficult mode for a beginner. He has very sensitive controls, which means even the lightest tap could send him catapulting towards the goal--or off the edge. His Hover-Spin ability is great for getting through difficult courses, but since Kilo's abilities are so irregular, it's easy to get him lost.

    Reverse--Reverse is of about average speed, but his Boost ability is what really makes him unique. Tap X on the ground (tap, don't hold it down) to send Reverse shooting forward and toppling enemies in his path. You can use the Boost in the air by pressing Z in mid-jump. This will increase his momentum, allowing him to jump across larger gaps than he couldn't get across otherwise.


    Green Sphere--Viewed as some of the most annoying of robots. These guys are stationary until they see you, at which point they will follow you everywhere. There's no escaping them, since they can roll, fly and swim, and they're immune to sludge. The only way to escape them is to destroy them. This can be done with one hit from a Spindash, Nitro Burst, Boost, or a good old-fashioned jump.

    Giant Green Sphere--Even nastier. These bots are quite a bit larger than their smaller bretheren, and they can shoot bullets at you. They take several hits to kill, are often accompanied by several smaller spheres, and are sometimes used in specialized arenas as bosses.

    Red Sphere--These spheres have the ability to jump at you across large distances, and will scatter your rings upon impact. Like the Green spheres, they're not harmed by sludge, and they will pursue you relentlessly. The only way to shake them is by hovering across a death pit too big for them to jump over, or by killing them. This is harder to do than with the Green Spheres, however, since the Red Spheres spend barely any time on the ground between jumps.

    Giant Red Sphere--Larger Red Spheres. Unlike their smaller cousins, they do not jump, but instead roll rapidly around a platform that they are placed on. When they see you, they will halt for an instant and then lunge at you, after which they will resume their rapid rolling. The instant when they halt is the best time to attack. During that period, a Spindash or Nitro Burst will either damage or kill them.

    Blue Sphere--They roll around slowly when they can't see you, but when they can, their rolling increases speed and they gain a red glow. If you run away while they are going berserk, they will slow themselves and calm down. They are easy to dodge, but hard to kill.

    Giant Blue Sphere--These spheres sneak up on you by hovering near or behind you, then shoot forward and attempt to whack you as they rocket past you. If you can sneak up on them before they sneak up on you, they're an easy, one-hit kill.

    Fox--The first type of android you'll see. They fly rather slowly, and most likely won't attack until they see you, but they will occasionally shoot bullets and hop around like a pogo stick. 1-2 hit kill.

    Echidna--The second android type. They can glide at you or dig underground and spring at you. It's hard to know where they are until they attack, but if you're careful, you'll hear a digging noise and see a ground disturbance right before they appear. They will somethimes hover in the air and then start gliding forward when you're nearby. Most of them are made in Knuckles' image, and appear very similar to him.

    Hedgehog--These androids have a way with projectiles. They can be found shooting guns, dropping bombs, or throwing spikeballs at you. They also somethimes jump at you if you get too close. They are of variable killing difficulty; some are more cautious than others.

    *All androids can be seen in Android Hill, but the Hedgehogs only come into their own in Castle Knuckles and later zones.

    Enemies from normal SRB2, such as the Deton and Green Snapper, can be seen in a few places, but for the most part you'll be facing spheres and androids as enemies.


    Zone Appearance Change--The only feature V1.0 had. Changes the appearance of zones so it is made clear than Knuckles has been through, but does not change the overall dificulty of the map.

    Enemy Change--ERB2 is hostto nine new enemies, some SOCed (such as the Green and Red Spheres) and some not. The enemies have different abilities and can be seen in different zones.

    Title Screen--ERB2 hs a different title screen featuring Eggman. Not really very imortant, but fits with the overall theme.

    Story--ERB2 has its own story, told through cutscenes seen at the beginning and end of the game. There are two different endings to unlock and several characters to play as.

    Keeping some of the old--ERB2 allows one to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in the new zones, though that doesn't make much sense in the story. Sonic still has the ability to turn Super in single-player.

    Soundtrack--This is one very noticable change. The soundtrack for most of the single-player levels has been changed. The levels feature high-quality tunes taken from various Sonic games. Someone I know in particular really enjoys RRZ1's tune.

    Mod Conversion--Once of ERB2's defining features. When ERB2 and a level pack are added to the same SRB2 game, ERB2 will convert the other level pack to match itself. It can do this with all level packs, including Mystic Realm, Torutred Planet, the Archpack, and others. Changes include textures, enemies, and playable characters. This is somethimes used to achieve some screwy effects, such as rain in Eruption Conduit Act 1 and computer chips lining Jade Valley. I recommend Mystic Realm or the Archpack as good level packs to test the conversion feature out on.


    ERB2 features a full multiplayer connection with other people who have the Mod (feature not tested with multiple players). In multiplayer, all of SRB2's multiplayer levels are playable, though some are mechanized. Multiplayer levels from other mods are avalible as well, as long as you both/all have the mod. In multiplayer, one can play as all of ERB2's characters, as well as Super Sonic (non-invincible version) and the three types of Androids, each with their own abilities. You can customize your Egg Mobile with 15 different modes and change the appearance of many other characters in endless combinations to make yourself unique, and use your character's abilites to reach new areas that you couldn't achieve in Single Player.

    Mod conversion Instructions

    It's really very simple. Add all three parts of ERB2 as well as the other modification. Remember, if the other modification replaces MAP01-MAP99, add ERB2 first, and if it replaces MAPA1-MAPAZ or other levels that aren't usually avalible in single player add ERB2 last. When both mods are added, but only then, all saved games that were started before the two were combined can be continued from the exact place in normal ERB2 where they left off, but all new games that are started will have their first level in whatever the starting level of the other level pack is. This does not apply to Tortured Planet and other packs that replace MAP01-99, in which all saved games will start in their corresponding modified map as well.


    ERB2 is so big that I had to upload it in three parts. I'm sorry, but they're too big to upload here, so you should pick them up here:

    It's possible to run part 1 by itself with the game working, but it will cause all sorts of audio bugs, such as CDZ3's music during the cutscenes, and SSNTails and Sonikku talking away in the background of the secret final boss. I recommend adding all three parts for the full, bug-free effect.

    Copyright Policy (Very Important)

    All level packs converted by ERB2 are based off the work of their respective creators. 742mph does not claim ownership of said levels' original design.


    Yes, ERB2 has flaws, and even I admit it. The only one I've discovered so far is that the SRB2 remake doesnt work on ERB2. Because of the way it is set up, the level conversion feature will mistake SRB1 for another level pack, and attempt to convert it, at which it will of course fail. This results in all SRB1 levels operating in 3D with strange weather patterns and missing textures. Do not play these levels if you don't like major glitches. However, part of the reason I'm giving you this download is so other people can play it and find other glitches. I would like to hear back from you if you find any problems so I can fix them for the final version. Thank you.

    P.S. There's an alternate skin for Sonic hidden somewhere in the menu. You should be able to find it rather easily, although I may be wrong.

    Updates since this WAD was posted:
    --Sphere sprite change
    --GMZ and AHZ's levels significantly changed

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    Re: No-Source Mod--Eggman Robo Blast 2 V2.0

    Post by Fawfulfan on Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:33 am

    Okay, I'm just barely gonna allow this to stay up here, but you should know that what you are doing is a complete waste of time. There's a reason it was rejected from the SRB2MB; it is completely unoriginal and betrays absolutely zero effort on your part. Like I said, the idea isn't inherently bad, but if you really want to do it, you should at a bare minimum actually modify the levels manually and substantially, instead of doing terrible mass texture replacements and topping it off with terrible SOCs. Even better, you should just make a unique level pack.

    Give up any hope of creating something decent out of what you have here; there are no shortcuts or cheats to designing a good level pack or mod. You've got to roll up your sleeves and WORK.

    And by the way, Mystic had every right and every reason to do what he did; please take his decision like an adult and don't act immature about it.

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