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    Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed


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    Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed

    Post by EddTheHedgefox on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:43 pm

    Hello,I wonder is Sonic Colors is a good game or not, I just buyed it and havent trued it yet. Sonic unleashed, I also just buyed and haven't played yet. Is it good or no? Im guessing Sonic unleashed has a few glitches. Question
    Mystic Mandeus
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    Re: Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed

    Post by Mystic Mandeus on Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:14 am

    Sonic Unleashed did get bad reviews, but probally off of the werehog levels no doubt. The daytime levels, however, are a pretty good part of the game. ( to me anyway.) As for Sonic Colors, it is indeed better that Unleashed, with the " Sonic daytime type" levels you see in SU, but without Werehog levels. Excpect brief 2d sections of the game as well. However, the bosses in Sonic Colors in my opinion, are rather dissapointing, with most of them being rip-off's of previous bosses. So, to cut things short, Sonic Colors is pretty good, while Sonic Unleashed is... KINDA good. Renember this is only MY opinion, be sure to see what other people say about the games as well! And since you have them already, why don't you just PLAY them and see what your response is!

    P.S. This has to be the longest thing I ever wrote on these fourms. Just throwing that out there... Exclamation

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