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    Post by Draykon on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:41 pm

    A long time ago, I got this weird idea to release a kind of "fake superform" SOC in such a way that it would never actually be credited to me. I have no idea WHY I did that, but since then it's become a tradition for me to release the various "supersonic#.soc" SOCs in such a way that they never really go mainstream. The result was that these SOCs would pop up in random netgames, and occasionally end up stolen. (Someone on the Wadbase is guilty of this >_>)

    I'm not really involved in the SRB2 community enough to see this 'viral' theory take effect though, so I decided I'd just release the next one on one of the SRB2 satellite communities- I chose the shelter because it was the first one I found whose registration actually worked.

    So yeah, fake superform SOC: mq374o

    This one lets you fly when you stand still and jump, but has a tendency to randomly decide to mess up in netgames. Feel free to redistribute it. Hell, it's actually kinda fun if you take credit for it.

    (And I'll admit, I can't PROVE that supersonic42.soc is stolen, since in the SOC itself I credited it to Greywing- one of my Chao- to maintain my mysteriousness.)
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    Re: Supersonicnovus.soc

    Post by LolBird1 on Sat May 07, 2011 7:12 am

    i only have Neutral

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