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    Random SRB2 Fanfic with No Name

    Post by Violo on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:38 pm

    Well, I had felt the urge to write a fanfic for some time now deciding between Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. Then I think it was KnockOut who suggested an SRB2 fanfic after Autosaver said that Pokemon and LoZ was used too often. I thought about this and then went, "I'll just do one for the heck of it".

    And I came up with this. It's sort of based kind of like Red vs Blue acciedently, but I want to make it as different as I can. Or as possible. o-o"

    Well, here it is. It's based as two bases a year and a half after the events of SRB2 and I feel as though I haven't explained enough in the story. I hope people know what I mean in this. So, here's Chapter One...


    Chapter 1: Wakey Wakey
    The only thing that really relaxed Cascade, a light grey hedgehog with his spikes tipped upwards with steel blue highlights, was sleeping on the bed inside the base of the Lime Forest. It had been upgraded since the destruction of the Egg Rock; pieces here and there were used from it. Where the Intel was before, was a little tunnel into a sort of underground base where the soldiers of either base slept. In this case, it was Blue base. Cascade was still sleeping until he heard footsteps coming from the entrance to his room. And by the way the footsteps sounded, he knew exactly who it was. He rolled over to the wall so he wouldn’t be bothered.

    He was wrong.

    A girl walked into his room, it was still a bit dim. But it was certain who it was. It was Jen. She was a young adult female cat. She was a sort of a white blue cat that always wore a blue jacket with cyan linings and a white singlet but wore slightly contrasting purple denim jeans; unfortunately for the men at the base they weren’t skinny, they were quite baggy actually. Her black hair was tied in a ponytail that went halfway down her back. She walked right up to the bed and just stared at Cascade for a few seconds with an annoyed look.
    “Fix my iPod,” Jen ordered Cascade.
    “Hmm?” he replied questioningly.
    “It isn’t allowing me to get onto my messages no matter what I do, fix it,” Jen elaborated.
    “No,” he told her tucking into his wall. Jen rolled her tongue in her cheek, ready for an argument.

    “Do it.”
    “Do it.”
    “Do it.”
    “Why not?” Jen asked suddenly. Cascade nearly said no again.
    “I’m sleeping,” Cascade excused.
    “Then when you wake up fix it,” Jen told him as she started to walk out.
    “Can’t do that,” Cascade replied making Jen quite annoyed as she turned around halfway to the door.
    “And why is that?” she asked crossed her arms across her chest and tapping her foot.
    “I’ll most probably be eating by then,” Cascade told her smirking a little.
    “What kind of technician are you?!” Jen yelled.
    “Don’t yell people are-” Cascade started.
    “All you do is sleep and eat. You’ve hardly worked on anything that can help us for around six months after you got the flu. We should’ve left you in that icy desert,” Jen said quite disconcertingly.
    “Fine. Just let me eat break-” Cascade started again.
    “And then you’ll sleep again, don’t try to act sincere on me,” Jen said again.
    “Listen. After breakfast I’ll fix your iPod. Also, don’t complain about me not doing work,” Cascade told Jen getting up and walking over to his workbench. He pulled a draw open and got out a notepad.
    This, is what I’ve been working on for the last six months. It’s a prototype teleport technology as well as some storage technology. In other words, a better way to get to the front lines, and no more carrying rings around except for protection. The rings that I’m using are made form a special energy source that can-” Cascade rattered on.
    “Okay, I get it. You have been doing some work. Sorry,” Jen replied.
    “Here, I’ll fix your iPod now,” Cascade said.
    “Nah, it’s alright. I’ll just mess with the settings a bit until I get it working again,” Jen said.
    “Okay then whatever’s easiest,” Cascade said putting his hands behind his head. Jen paused for a bit.
    “You can pull apart your own iPod,” Jen said protecting hers.
    “What do you think I've been testing my teleporting technology on? That and a new model for mine I made myself; and I don’t want to mess that up,” He told Jen pointing to the bracelet on the table.
    “Riiiiiiiight,” Jen said before walking out. Cascade snickered a bit before putting the bracelet he was pointing at on and walking to the kitchen.

    ----Author's Comments----

    As you can see, this is based around blue base because blue is aweomse. <3
    The two characters mentioned here and the technician and the scout. (TF2 ref much o.0)
    I haven't had many more ideas for othe characters since I just started today. So if anyone wants to give some suggestions, just post them up. It seems to be a short chapter now that I look at it. So does anyone want it a bit longer? I'll put up a poll.

    Sniper's a good job mate.

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